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Radio Society of Great Britain
Sutton Park, West Midlands
Sun 25 March

The event is going to go ahead on Sunday 25 March.

Remember that the clocks go forward one hour in the early morning of the day of the event.

The event is being run on a Sunday and comprises a morning competition using the 2m band and a short 80m race later in the day. In this latter competition, the five transmitters will be very low power and will be deployed in a small area. There will be a five transmitter course and a four transmitter course available in the morning.

Blackroot Car Park

click here for a map showing the location of the car park.
Access is via Blackroot Road.

Format of Event
The event will conform to the general principles of IARU events, but will be less formal than a Championship. For the 144MHz event there will be a maximum of five transmitters and an MO beacon at the finish. Competitors can elect to hunt all five 'foxes' or a specified four.
For the 144MHz event, the transmitters will be separated by at least 400m and the nearest transmitter to the Start will be at least 400m away(IARU rules state 750m).

The afternoon 3.5 MHz competition will be confined to a small area and there are no restrictions on how close the transmitters can be to each other.
Five 'sprint' format transmitters will be deployed on 3.5MHz. These have transmission times of 12 seconds in a 60 second cycle.

Sport Ident (SI) electronic punching will be used for both competitions. SI 'dibbers' may be hired for 1, but if not returned the charge is increased by 30.

Scale is 1:10,000. Size A3 portrait. Printed in four colours on waterproof paper.

1000 Registration opens. Information sheets issued to ALL entrants.
1030-1130 144 MHz Starts at 5 minute intervals
1400 3.5MHz starts at 2 minute intervalscommence
1530 Courses close


  • Entry fee is 5.
  • The results will be posted on this web site as soon as possible after the event.


    In accordance with the informality of the event the organisers will not require you to deposit your receiver in a pound before the transmitters start sending. They do expect you to respect the spirit of this concession by refraining from using your receiver until reporting to officials in the start area and then only under their supervision.
    The 'flags'for the competition will be 15cm side length.


    Competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. No smoking in the forest. Whistles should be carried (the emergency signal is 6 blasts repeated at 1 minute intervals).

    Loan Equipment

    Receivers for both 144MHz and 3.5MHz are available. E-Mail the organiser (address below) to reserve.