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Radio Society of Great Britain

UK & International ARDF Events 2021

The 2021 ARDF Programme will commence in late May. Outdoor sporting activities are now permitted.

Date Level Planner Location Bands Results Notes
Mon 17 May 8pm Webinar G3ORY, M0KNV, Flora Jolly National www.youtube.com/theRSGB Find out more about ARDF
Sun 23 May Regional (R13) G3ORY East Midlands Fosse Meadows 3.5 newcomers & returners Results here Details here
Sun 6 June Regional (R9&R10)) RS213497 Amersham/Beaconsfield 3.5 newcomers & returners Results here Details here
Sun 13 June Regional (R5) G3ORI/M3WDD West Midlands Baggeridge CP SedgleyThis is a new venue 3.5 newcomers/ 144 all Results here Details here
Sat 19 June Regional (R8) 2I0FVX Lurgan 3.5 newcomers Results - no timing Details here
Sun 4 July Regional (R13) G3ORY Donisthorpe CP East Midlands 3.5 Results here Details here
Sat 24 July Regional (R8) 2I0FVX Coney Island, Lough Neagh 3.5 newcomers Results later Details later
Sun 8 Aug Regional (R13) G3ORY East Midlands 3.5 Results here Details here
Sat/Sun 28/29 Aug Club M0MBD Kelvedon Hatch 3.5 Event Cancelled
28 Aug - 3 Sep International Region 1 2021 WC event now abandoned BFRA Bulgaria 3.5/144 later Details here
Sun 12 Sep Regional (R13) G4ARI Martinshaw Wood, East Midlands 3.5 Results here Details here
Sun 26 Sep National G1ZAR+M0OJM Bagworth CP, East Midlands 3.5/144 Results later Details here
Sun 31 Oct National M3WDD Kinver Edge, Staffordshire 3.5/144 Results later Details later

1. No responsibility for errors is accepted. Check with the organisers before travelling to ensure that the event has not been cancelled/postponed/relocated.

2. Some events await permission to use the land or have dates and venues which are not yet confirmed. Neither the date or the venue is completely certain. Check this site later to see when events 'firm up'.

3. (STP) = subject to permission.