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Radio Society of Great Britain
The Midlands ARDF Series 2018

This series of local 80m DF events is being staged as an experiment. The aim is to see if there is sufficient interest to support such an annual series of events. If it is a success then the ARDF Committee will be looking to extend the idea to other areas of the Country.

Event 1 (of five) Sunday 27th May - Willesley Woodlands, Ashby de la Zouch

The event will take place at Willesley Wood located south west of Ashby de la Zouch, beside the A42. Park in the lane Willesley Woodside.
Click here for a map showing the location.

The event is designed for members of Radio Clubs in Regions 5 and 13 (although anyone is welcome to participate). In the majority of radio clubs there are only two or three members interested in going beyond the annual Club DF hunt. This series is an attempt to draw together such members with more than the usual interest in ARDF.

The key elements are as follows:

- the series will use the 80m amateur band for the hidden transmitters.

- there will be five hidden transmitters deployed.

. - the five hidden transmitters send for one minute and one after the other, all on the same frequency.

- 80m receivers with a built in directional antenna will be available on loan.

- there will be a small fee to cover the cost of the maps and other incidental expenses. At the time of writing 2 will cover this unless unforseen expenses arise.

What to bring and what to wear:

- wear clothing suitable for walking around in woodland.

- bring one of those compasses with a rectangular base plate

- bring some sort of lightweight A4 board onto which the map (supplied) can be taped. Electrical tape works pretty well for this.

- bring a spirit pen to draw bearings onto the map. Red is best because red is not used on the map print.

- bring a whistle to summon help should you fall and incapacitate yourself. The alarm signal is 6 short blasts repeated at one minute intervals.

- proof of visiting a transmitter will be by pin punch and control card. Both items are provided but safety pins to attach the control card to your clothing are a good idea.

- please provide your own headphones (3.5mm plug). There are some tatty ones available on loan, but you would be better off with something you are comfortable with.


1000 Registration opens. Information sheets issued to all competitors
1030 First starter.
1130 Last starter
1330 Course closes.
Time allowed 2 hours. (If you are over this time you will be classified below anyone inside the time even if you have found more transmitters)

Help and Tuition:

- there will be tuition on how to operate the 'sense' feature on the 80m DF receiver.

- there will be some roving helpers in the area who could come to your aid if there are things that you need clarifying during the competition.

- check out the RSGB web site (www.rsgb.org>main site>onthe air>ARDF>Hints & Tips)

The next event:

This will take place alongside one of the 'regular' ARDF events at Hicks Lodge. This is located a short walk away from today's event. If you are brimming with confidence after today's outing, you could attempt the 2m course on the regular event as well as the introductory 80m offering. There are a very limited number of 2m receivers available for loan. The date is Saturday 23 June.


Competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk.
A whistle should be carried and the emergency signal is 6 short blasts on the whistle, repeated at one minute intervals.
The area is used by walkers, for dog-walking and by the general public. Please be courteous to all other users in the wood.

Dates for the Diary:

The full list of dates for the five events is:

Sun 27 May
Sat 23 June
Sat 28 July
Sat 25 Aug
Sun 23 Sep