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Radio Society of Great Britain
Bucklebury Common (Reading)
2nd June 2017
Final Details

The event will take place on Bucklebury Common.
Bucklebury Common is an elevated common consisting of woodland with a few relatively small clearings in the English county of Berkshire, centred 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast of Thatcham and encircling the settled localities of Upper Bucklebury and Chapel Row.
It is one of the largest commons in Southern England covering 350 hectares (860 acres).

Location and Directions
The assembly point and start will be the car park halfway along the road that links Chapel Row and Upper Bucklebury.
Location SU 560 692. Nearest post code RG7 6QD (not very precise)
Click here for a Streetmap extract.

A 10 fox course is provided, using the 80m band with 2 sets of 5 foxes. A shorter course will be also be available as an alternative option.

Set-1 idents will be transmitted using slow speed morse code, set-2 using fast speed morse code. The format will be similar to a sprint event, but with a longer transmission time of 30 seconds in a 2'30" cycle.

Frequencies used will be as follows:
3520MHz, Foxes 1 to 5, slow ident, MOE to MO5
3540MHz, Intermediate Beacon, slow ident, F
3560MHz, Foxes 1F to 5F, fast ident, MOE to MO5
3580MHz, Home Beacon, fast indent, MO

80M Transmitters - 1 watts, A1A (CW) into a 6m vertical wire with counterpoise.

The slow ident transmitters, have to be visited first. Up to 5 to be found. Then the slow ident intermediate beacon, (position shown on map).

Minimum transmitter spacing will, generally, be 400m.

Scale - 1:10,000, printed on waterproof A4 paper in Landscape.

I-button electronic punching will be used. Dibbers will be supplied. 5 charge if not returned.

Loan Receivers
A small number of receivers will be available for loan. Please contact the planner to reserve.

from 9:30 to 11:00 for starts from 10:30 - 11:30 am
Course closes 14:00.
Entry fee is 5.00, payable on the day.


No specific facilities. Make sure you are comfortable before arrival!


For further details, phone or text Dave G3ZOI on 07866-334-370