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Radio Society of Great Britain
Willesley Woods, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Sun 25 October

The event is being run on a Sunday and comprises a morning competition using the 2m band and a five transmitter compact classic competition using the 80m band later in the day. There will be medium and long courses available in the morning.

Willesley Country Park This is the site of an old coalmine, now landscaped and replanted as a Country Park. It is located 3.5km south west of Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the area straddles the A42. The area is dominantly woodland planted in the last twenty years, but this has the advantage of having less undergrowth than there will be twenty years in the future. There is a lake in the middle of the area and competitors are warned that there are some deep, wide, water filled ditches adjacent to the lake that must NOT BE CROSSED under any circumstances. The water is exceptionally deep and extremely cold.

click here for a map of the area.

Directions and Parking
The assembly point is in Willesley Woodside, a country lane which was cut by the construction of the A42 and is now a cul-de-sac.
From Junction 12 on the A42 drive south for 300m and at the five way meeting of roads, turn right into Willesley Woodside. The road name is on the right as you make this turn.
Parking is at the side of the road close to the point where the lane is blocked by a metal gate.

Covid-19 Measures

No charge is being made to participate, in order to prevent close contact through cash handling and registration.

Participants are asked to remain at least 2 metres apart at all times.

Maps will be dispensed by an official who wears a mask and places the map on the ground for you to pick up, five minutes before your start time (15 minutes if you wish to take bearings before crossing the start line).

Confirmation of transmitters found will be conducted aurally at a distance of over 2 metres.

After completing the 2m course participants are asked to self isolate in your car. No other person must be allowed to sit in your car who was not there on the journey to the event.

Please depart soon after finishing the 80m course to avoid being in the car park area with participants who have yet to complete the course.

Format of Event
The event will conform to the general principles of IARU events, but will be less formal than a Championship. For the 144MHz event there will be a maximum of five transmitters and an MO beacon at the finish. Competitors can elect to hunt all five 'foxes' or a specified four. confirmation that each transmitter has been fouind will be by 'collecting' a letter of the alphabet displayed beside the 15m 'kite' hung at the transmitter location.
For the 144MHz event, the transmitters will be separated by at least 300m and the nearest transmitter to the Start may be as close as 400m (IARU rules state 750m).

For the afternoon compact 80m competition the transmitters will be spaced by at least 100m. The transmitters will send for 60 seconds each in a 5 minute cycle.

For the 144MHz competition the map scale is 1:10,000. Size A4 portrait. Printed in four colours on waterproof paper.
For the 3.5MHz competition the map scale is 1:5,000. Size A4 and printed in four colours and NOT WATERPROOF.

1025 Map issue to the first starter in the 144 MHz competition.
1030-1145 144 MHz Starts
80m start is possible at any time after competitors finish the 2m course up to 1400.
Self isolate between courses please
1530 Courses close

The results will be posted on this web site as soon as possible after the event.


Start and Finish for both competitions will be at the end of the lane beside the gate referred to above.
In accordance with the informality of the event the organisers will not require you to deposit your receiver in a pound before the transmitters start sending. They do expect you to respect the spirit of this concession by refraining from using your receiver until reporting to officials in the start area and then only under their supervision.
The 'flags'for both competitions will be 15cm side length.


Competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. No smoking in the forest. Whistles should be carried (the emergency signal is 6 blasts repeated at 1 minute intervals).

Loan Equipment

Sanitised receivers for 3.5MHz will be available on loan.
144MHz receivers are available on loan but need to be 'booked' beforehand. Please use the E Mail address below for requests.