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Radio Society of Great Britain
Gresley Woods, Swadlincote
Sat 17th October 2020

A classic 5-TX a classic 80m ARDF event in part of the National Forest. The area is a combination of old woodland which has been complemented by new planting and this is now maturing well for orienteering and direction finding.

The event is taking place with the kind permission of Forestry England who manage the woods on behalf of the National Forest.

Location and Parking:
The car park is at Albert Village, south of Swadlincote.

Click here for a map extract showing the location.

Format of Event

A 5 Transmitter 80m course, with a separate category for participants who wish to plot a set of bearings on the five transmitters before crossing the start line. The transmitters will operate in a 5 minute cycle. Transmitters will be at least 300m from the start and finish and at least 300m from each other. Proof of visiting each transmitter is to 'collect' the letter of the alphabet displayed beside each TX. There will be a 15cm 'kite' at each transmitter site.

If you wish to participate in the category for taking bearings prior to crossing the start line, please commence taking your bearings 15 minutes before the time you have been given in the tables below.

As part of the COVID precautions, participants are asked to register prior to the event. Register by E Mailing ardf.chairman@rsgb.org.uk. Choose your preferred start group from

Start Group 1 1030-1055
Start Group 2 1100-1125
Start Group 3 1130-1155
Start Group 4 1200-1225

The aim of this is to prevent more than 6 people being in the car park at the same time. Please depart immediately after you finish.

A list of registrations appears in the tables below and this will be updated regularly.

Start Group 1
1030  Robert Vickers G3ORI M70
1035  Tim Raven G4ARI M60
1040  John Renshaw + 1 2E0VWB M40
1045  Dave Page G7WHI M40?
1050  Stuart Tyler G1ZAR M50

Start Group 2
1100  Esther Revell SWL W35
1105  Mike Smith G6OES M50
1110  David Williams M3WDD M50
1120  David Jolly M0JCO M40
1120  Flora Jolly RS316158 W14
1125  Rob Dewes M0RVD M50

Start Group 3
1130  John Marriott M0OJM M70
1135  Angel Andres M0HDF M40
1140  Adrian Pell M1AQX M60?
1145  Sheila Pell M3SWN W60?

Start Group 4
1225  Vlad Boev2E0VLB M70

1:10,000 with 5m contours printed on A4 waterproof paper.

1030 Course opens. Starts at 5 minute intervals.Time limit 120 minutes.
1430 Course closes.

In accordance with the informality of the event the organisers will not require you to deposit your receiver in a pound before the transmitters start sending. They do expect you to respect the spirit of this concession by refraining from using your receiver until reporting to officials in the start area and then only under their supervision.

Covid-19 Measures
No charge is being made to participate, in order to prevent close contact through cash handling and registration.

Participants are asked to remain at least 2 metres apart at all times.

Maps will be dispensed by an official who wears a mask and places the map on the ground for you to pick up, five minutes before your start time (15 minutes if you wish to take bearings before crossing the start line).

Newcomers can have their bearings checked before starting by placing their marked map on the ground and moving away while the map is examined.

Confirmation of transmitters found will be conducted aurally at a distance of over 2 metres.

As noted above, you are asked to depart soon after finishing to avoid being in the car park with participants who have yet to complete the course.

Competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk.
A whistle should be carried and the emergency signal is 6 short blasts on the whistle, repeated at one minute intervals.
The area is used by walkers, for dog-walking and by the general public. Please be courteous to all other users in the wood.

Loan Equipment
Sanitised receivers for 3.5MHz are available on loan. Contact the organiser (E Mail below) to reserve one.
Please provide your own headphones (3.5mm three way plug)

There are no facilities.

Bob Titterington E Mail: ardf.chairman@rsgb.org.uk