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Radio Society of Great Britain
IARU Style Direction Finding

Welcome to the RSGB DF Committee web pages dedicated to DF Hunting to the International Rules as promulgated by the IARU.
If you are in any way a competitive person you will be attracted by IARU style DF hunts. With up to five hidden transmitters to find in a fixed time, the adrenalin starts to flow on the start line! Look at the Events page for details of UK competitions.

ARDF Reflector
The original reflector using Yahoo Groups is now defunct. Go to www.groups.io to sign up for the new reflector at RSGB-ARDF@groups.io
Please note that this forum is not hosted on an RSGB website.

Introductory Videos
Andrew G4KWQ has put together a short video intended to convey the general concept of ARDF without, at the same time, going into lots of detail.
The video can be seen on YouTube. Click here to see the video.

Gary Pearce KN4AQ of the US based 'Amateur Radio Video News' has posted a professional grade video he made of the 2006 US ARDF Championships in North Carolina. This is a 40 minute epic and you might spot some of the three Brits who travelled over there for the event. To view a six minute pre-view click here
or to watch the full version which has recently been made freely available then click here

23rd IARU Region 1 Championships 2021
The World Championships were scheduled to be held in Serbia in 2020, but they were postponed to 2021 as a result of the Corona virus pandemic and have now been cancelled altogether.
In its place will be the 23rd IARU Region 1 Championships in Bulgaria, scheduled to take place between 28 August and 3 Sep 2021

Loan Equipment
The RSGB has some equipment available to Affiliated Societies and Scout/Cadet groups on loan.
There are two packages available and the first comprises five 80m transmitters configured for 60 second transmissions in a five minute cycle. Ten PJ80 receivers are provided and these are shipped without batteries (see Radcom Jan 2018 p74 "Batteries and the Post Office") or headphones (3.5mm stereo plug).
The transmitters are very low power but are audible over distances of the order of 400m. The RSGB will fund the carriage and insurance of this equipment to and back from Affiliated Societies. Damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the Society to which it is lent.
The second package is available thanks to a very generous donation by John M1SHE. This comprises five 144MHz transmitters plus antennas. No receivers are provided with this set of equipment. These five transmitters are configured for 60 second transmissions in a five minute cycle. Because of the bulky aerials and Post Office restrictions on shipping NiCd batteries collection from Leicestershire is necessary.
E Mail ardf.chairman@rsgb.org.uk to make a booking or to ask for further information.

UK sourced equipment is available. David Deane G3ZOI is selling (on a non-commercial basis) a number of boards and basic kits on E Bay:


Click here for circuits, layouts and further details of all David's offerings.

R3500D kits (aka PJ80) for 80m are available from SDR-Kits. click here for details.

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