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Radio Society of Great Britain
IARU Style Direction Finding

Welcome to the RSGB DF Committee web pages dedicated to DF Hunting to the International Rules as promulgated by the IARU.
If you are in any way a competitive person you will be attracted by IARU style DF hunts. With up to five hidden transmitters to find in a fixed time, the adrenalin starts to flow on the start line! Look at the Events page for details of UK competitions.

ARDF Forum
There is a well-established forum for discussing ARDF, follow the link below to sign up and participate.
Please note that this forum is not hosted on an RSGB website.

17th IARU World Championships 2014
This event was held at Burabay, Kazakhstan, between 6&13 Sep

The RSGB team won two individual silver medals and two team silver medals.

  • Click here.for the results (DARC site)
  • RSGB International ARDF Championships 2014
    BC2014 was run in the Midlands of England (to the west and north of Birmingham) over the weekend of 9/10/11 May 2014. The results can be found on the 'results' page.

    RSGB Award
    At the RSGB Annual General meeting in 2014, David Deane G3ZOI was given the Don Cameron Award for outstanding contributions to low power radio communication. Dave has designed most of the ARDF equipment used regularly in Great Britain with many transmitters and receivers to his credit.

    Loan Equipment
    The RSGB has some equipment available to Affiliated Societies and Scout/Cadet groups on loan.
    The package comprises four 80m transmitters configured for 30 second transmissions in a two minute cycle. Ten PJ80 receivers are provided and these are shipped without batteries (to reduce shipping weight) or headphones (3.5mm stereo plug).
    The transmitters are very low power but are audible over distances of the order of 400m. The RSGB will fund the carriage and insurance of this equipment to and back from Affiliated Societies. Damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the Society to which it is lent.
    E Mail ardf.chairman@rsgb.org.uk to make a booking or to ask for further information.

    UK sourced equipment is now available. David Deane G3ZOI is selling (on a non-commercial basis) a kit for a combined 2m receiver and a 'tape beam' antenna at a very reasonable cost. Click here for further details of all David's offerings.
    Bob Titterington G3ORY has run out of the 80m receiver kits. A redesign has commenced but the new kit will not be available until later in 2014. PCBs for an 80m transmitter are available from G3ORY.

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